Body Vibe Personal 1000 Model with DVD & Poster
Body Vibe Personal 1000 Model with DVD & Poster
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The Body Vibe Personal Exerciser (Model: Personal 1000) is a revolutionary device that offers many health and fitness benefits via Whole Body Vibration (WBV). Compared to traditional exercise methods, Vibration exercise is far more effective, efficient and fun too, using gentle, low impact training that spares your joints as it improves muscle strength. Just 10 minutes on the Body Vibe is equivalent to a 60 minute workout.

• Stimulates entire body's muscular system at once, not just one muscle at a time
• DVD guides you through beginner, intermediate & advanced workouts & demonstrates more than 44 different exercise positions
• Please consult a physician prior to using this or any new exercise/ fitness program

• Body Vibe Machine
• User Guide
• Exercise Chart
• Vibracise Workout DVD

Warranty Information:

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Whole Body Vibration enhanced exercise training is called vibracising. Vibracising covers a wide range of exercise formats while standing on a single motor vibrating platform. In addition, exercise applications like Posturology™ can also be employed with significantly enhanced benefits beyond what is typically achievable using the given exercise method alone. The vibrations help to propel the effects of the movement performed. Dynamic exercise doesn't need to be performed to still get benefits from Vibrating. Just standing on the platform with knees slightly bent can have dramatic effects on balance, mobility, weight loss and vitality. Body vibration can enhance any fitness regimen or sport activity by increasing the body’s adaptive response to a given exercise or by increasing the chi or life force energy in the body so a more intense workout can be performed.

Exercise can also detoxify the internal organs and cells. Consequently, sore muscles are not the only concern for training when initially starting your whole body vibration protocols. Symptoms of detoxification caused by the release of cellular waste into the blood stream can also occur. Headaches, flu like symptoms, fatigue and constipation can all be potential symptoms associated with detoxification of the body. Exercise training with the Body Vibe stimulates hormone production, improves lymphatic flow and increases cellular absorption of nutrients. Everyone will respond differently to the same stimulation. Listen to your body and use common sense when it come to any new exercise program .

Whole body vibration can be as muscularly taxing as any intense workout with weights, pilates, or yoga. The typical recovery period after conventional training is about 1-2 days. However, with Body Vibe training, recovery time is significantly reduced.  Daily training should be preformed to attain maximal results. If you are a seasoned athlete or exercise regularly, then the progressive build up period may be too easy, so just adjust the length or time of the workout to meet your training capacity and personal needs.

Progressive training plan
Body Vibe training follows the recommended exercise progression concept used by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for conventional resistance training.

1. Extend the time of each exercise (from 30s to 45s, from 45s to 60s)

2. Reduce the rest period between exercises (from 60 seconds to 45 seconds to 30 seconds to no rest) or increase the time interval. Up to 10 minute intervals for the Pro Model.

3. Increase number of sets per exercise

4. Perform exercise statically then dynamically

5. Add additional exercises as you master the initial set or routine

6. Increase frequency

7. Incorporate unilateral movement (i.e., perform exercise on one leg, etc.)

8. Increase Amplitude - Low to High ( if available) It is recommended that 1/2 - 3/4 inch rubber soled shoes be worn when standing directly on any body vibe platform. Check to be sure you are performing exercises in the proper position. A rubber pad can be used if desired when other body parts other than one’s feet come in contact with the platform.

• Increased fat burning
• Improves flexibility, mobility and coordination
• Improved training quality and effectiveness
• Accelerated recovery after exercising

• Reduces stress on joints
• Strengthening of muscles - particularly the back/spine
• Stimulation of the metabolism and lymph drainage
• Strengthening of bone tissues
• Stress reduction
• Highly effective body fat burning
• Speeds up the metabolism
• Reducing body fat levels
• Improving flexibility
• Rapid recovery after exercising

BODY VIBE ENHANCED EXERCISE TRAINING supports your well-being and vitality:
• Stress reduction
• Revitalization
• Creating a balance of body and mind
• General improvement of skin quality

Weight Loss
The Body Vibe in combination with a weight loss nutritional program gives the body the necessary nutrients and stimulation for optimum assimilation, distribution and utilization of micro-nutrients and calories. Body vibration enhanced exercise training improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues, which enhances cell metabolism function. It balances hormone levels like cortisol or insulin resistance. It stimulates muscle contraction which increases lean muscle mass production and ultimately metabolism. Taking the Vibraceuticals while training with Whole Body Vibration ensures sufficient nutrient levels in the body and enhancement of the cells innate ability to convert calories into cellular fuel or ATP.

• Research conducted at Sanaderm health clinic in Germany demonstrated that six months of training a maximum of 11 minutes on the vibration platform reduced cellulite by 25.68%. When combined with 40 minutes of aerobic activity, there was a 32% reduction of cellulite.
• Over a period of six weeks, those who used the Body Vibe saw a reduction of 11.2% in their body fat in comparison to the 10.6% of those in the traditional training group.
• The Body Vibe can allow one to burn more calories compared to non-active individuals. Those who use the Body Vibe had a net increase of 12% in their resting metabolic rate after 3 months.

The key to slowing down or reversing the aging process is to ensure optimum micro-nutrients at the cell level and vigorously exercise on a daily basis. If this occurs then the cell can produce more energy in the form of ATP for all the important cell functions. Optimum levels of ATP can reverse cell deterioration causing a rejuvenating affect on the vitality of the cell. Organs, glands, skin,hair and nails are all dependent on cell vitality for ideal function. One’s aesthetic appearance is directly correlated to optimum cell health and vitality. Body Vibe training combined with our vibraceutical protocols allows one to reclaim control over their body’s aging process.

Medical Rehabilitation
The Body Vibe’s affect on muscle, strength and and connective tissues makes it a safe and effective exercise alternative or an addition to regular workouts for maximum results. The cutting edge vibration exercise technology opens up new opportunity for people suffering with conditions such as: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy and stroke victims. It allows them to gain the benefit of exercise while staying within their personal physical capability. 
 Physical therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors all report significant benefit from Whole Body Vibration enhanced exercise training. Regular use of these devices helps to restore strength, flexibility and range of movement both before and after musculoskeletal injuries and / or traumas. Vibration exercise training can also help to prevent injuries when used in conjunction with other conventional training methods.

Sport Performance
Dramatic increases in coordination, strength, flexibility and speed all help to improve the athlete's performance across all fields of sports activity. Even the brain is exercised through Whole Body Vibration, which improves the athlete's adaptive response to performance driven activities. Rapid adaptation to the stimulation from any challenging activity accelerates the learning curve and therefore the excellence in that particular sport. Warm ups take on new meaning as high levels of neurons and muscle fibers are jump started within in seconds of using the device. Fast twitch muscle fibers are recruited leading to explosive strength, enhanced muscular endurance, and improved agility.

Rapid rehabilitation after injury is vital for professional athletes. Coaches and trainers can now marvel at how quickly players can return to play even after sustaining previously “game ending injuries”. The Body Vibe is simple to use and requires short training sessions giving you more time to devote to your sport or activity.

Wellness and Beauty
If you want to improve body tone, decrease cellulite and maintain or increase overall vitality, energy and fitness, the Body Vibe total fitness and wellness system is right for you! Thousands of gentle muscle contractions stimulate and massage every muscle in your body, while gently and effectively toning, slimming and tightening every square inch of your body within minutes of stepping onto the plate. It's just that simple! You can incorporate it within your current workout for maximum gains or use it exclusively in place of regular training for those that lack the time or can not engage in resistance training. Traditional resistance training methods provide resistance on a single linear axis whereas the Body Vibe's resistance effects occur on multiple axis stimulating all the fibers within a given muscle group at the same time.

Vibration exercise training on the Body Vibe is used to significantly improve muscle strength and speed, flexibility, range of motion and coordination, blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. Exercise expedites the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue and ultimately, enhances the user’s general wellness and quality of life.

General Fitness
Body Vibe training is the definitive approach in helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you don't have enough time to workout or can’t perform resistance training, the Body Vibe is an effective alternative. Or if do train regularly the Body Vibe can amplify your results by improving maximum energy reserves. You can work out harder with more energy and stamina for longer periods of time with a faster recovery time. Body vibration minimizes muscle soreness and lactic acid build up so you can get back to the gym sooner and stronger.

The study of whole body vibration (WBV) technology, as applied to fitness and sports training began with the Soviet Space Program. The Russians discovered that cosmonauts removed from the effects of gravity developed significant bone  and muscle loss during space travel.

In an effort to stop this loss and wasting, the Russian scientists experimented with vibration induced muscle activation.
Profound improvements in muscle and bone strength were obtained by using vibrating platforms to artificially super compensate for the future loss of gravity.
As a result of this effect, Veteran Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov, a medical doctor, set the current world record for the longest continuous spaceflight when he spent about 438 days aboard Russia's Mir space station between 1994 and 1995. Comparatively, American astronauts Carl Walz and Dan Bursch training on conventional fitness equipment, were forced to cease their mission after just 196 days due to bone and muscle degeneration. Not until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, did WBV technology find its way into other countries.
WBV technology is finally being embraced by NASA, Professional Sports Teams, along with many allied health, medical and fitness experts throughout the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe have been using this technology with incredible success for over a decade!

KEITH R. DeORIO, M.D., D.Hom. (Med)

Dr. DeOrio is an internationally known expert in integrative medicine. He is a graduate of the University of California/Irvine’s College of Medicine. Upon graduation he completed an internship at the Kaiser Fontana, Ca. Family Practice Residency Program. He attended the UCLA Medical Acupuncture Program and is a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. DeOrio received a degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy and trained in Homeopathic with Robin Murphy, N.D at the Hahnemann Academy of North America. He is a specialist in nutritional and preventative medicine and recently published a book outlining four important nutritional paradigms of the 20th century titled “The New Millennium Diet Revolution.” Dr. DeOrio created a complete line of nutritional and homeopathic formulations designed to rapidly heal many of our present day, difficult-to treat conditions. He is proficient in prolo and neural therapy, which is used to treat musculoskeletal and pain conditions that do not respond to traditional therapies.

The DeOrio Wellness Medical Center was featured in Alternative Medicine Magazine’s’ Ideal Clinic Section. He is featured as a guest expert on television and radio as well as print media. Dr. DeOrio hosted his own national radio show called Natural Health and Healing. His most recent interview was for a segment on the Discovery Channel’s “Inquiring Minds” documentary in which he presented a cured case of Lupus verified by laboratory testing and validated by third party medical experts. Dr. DeOrio treats patients from all over the world and is known for his ability to care for and understand illnesses that have no apparent or known cause. He is appreciated for his warm nature, intuitive ability, vast knowledge of many healing systems of medicine, and his ability to integrate various treatments in a way that quickly brings vitality back to the patient’s life.

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